Based in France, in les Landes MOKEN VISION is an EYEWEAR brand created to bridge the gap between the city look and the traditionnal outdoor activities.

The Brand


MOKEN VISION is a brand of sunglasses born from the meeting of two minds. Both have acquired knowedge and skills whislt working for one of the largest surfwear brands.

Based in Hossegor – MOKEN VISION is a project and brand very close to the founders hearts. They are both passionate about the boardsports industry. They have brought together their strengths and passion for the brand & have built a strong and design led range of products.

It is in les Landes,in Hossegor European headquarters of the surf culture that MOKEN VISION takes its inspiration and draw its eyewear collection.


MOKEN VISION is a brand of sunglasses that draws its drive & imagination from movement. Whether it is within the influence of the natural elements or the movement of people, MOKEN VISION moves with them and adapts itself constantly.

We work on principle that nothing remains static, we are partisans of the nomadism of the human spirit. Nothing has to stay in position, including our desires or our tastes. We are in continual change, and we are influenced by the desire to see things differently - with fresh eyes.

MOKEN VISION is rooted in the Landes region of France in a town called Hossegor known as the european capital of surfing.

Our brand is deeply anchored in the universe of the boardriding culture, from which it draws its inspiration on a daily basis.

Our closeness to the ocean, both spiritually and geographically is our reason for living.