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Organic eyewear

Organic, bio-sourced, biodegradable sunglasses

After 4 years of research we have finally find a way to produce eyewear in a way that we are proud. Using plants, bio degradable plastic or natural elements like wood or slate we have developed innovative products which stand out by their environmental commitment.

Bio-degradable collection

This collection of optical and sunglasses frames are fully handcrafted and 100% biodegradable.
Whilst in contact with active compost the frame will decompose in 120 days. This material has been tested in laboratory and can reach the ISO 14855 norm of biodegradability..

Collection Natura

The natura collection has been thought by taking the nature in its rawest condition. By using natural elements such as wood, cork or stone these handcrafted sunglasses are blending the latest trend with sequoia, oak, granit or slate.It is through the Natura collection that Moken reveal its knowledge of eyewear designer.

“Moken reveal its knowledge of eyewear designer”

Bio-based Collection

In this collection the Sunglasses are made out of plants such as castor plants.

The premium series in high density injection will follow the trendiest shape while the classic series will follow the more sporty ones.
Easily adjustable and with an optimized confort thanks to their soft touch finish and polarized lenses, these bio-sourced sunglasses are highly resisting and will follow you through your day no matter if it is a sporty or a classy one.


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