" At the beginning ... "


" At the beginning ... "


Moken is an Eyewear manufacturing company proposing an new eco-friendly way of making glasses. Born in 2014 in Hossegor – France. Moken introduces innovative techniques such as Wood, Cork, Stone and Bio-based materials coming from Plants to the world of eyewear manufacturing.


After working several years together within the surfing industry as sunglasses designers, Clément (Design part) and Pierre (Engineer part) decided to take the leap by creating a brand that matches their own values.

Designed by the sea, in Les Landes region of France in a town called Hossegor know as the European capital of surf. The brand draws its essence and ideology in its environment composed of water, sand and wood. The two founders passionated about outdoor sports and putting a little more of their eyewear expertise by developing products that look like them while respecting what is closest to their heart, their proximity to the ocean.

For both founders, the ecological awareness was during the winter 2013-14. It was one of the harshest winters in the South West of France in the last ten years. and Successive storms have seriously contributed to coastal erosion and surfin was impossible for several months.

At the beginning of March 2014, during the first lulls authorizing the first surfing sessions of the year the scene was shocking…

Over 300 km, the sand was entirely covered with plastic bags, fishing nets, packaging and other plastics that will take from 500 to 1000 years to disintegrate completely.

For them,

« it was obvious that plastic had to become a fight. »